The Greatest Country Hits Of All Time!

Sun Country 99.5 is the Internet station where Hank, Ronnie, Loretta, George and Dolly still rule the airwaves!  This is the spot on the Internet where you will find over 7 decades of county music from the 1950s up to today's future country classics!  We hope Sun Country 99.5 will become your at-work station and the one you choose while you surf the web!

Copyright 2016 - Sun Country 99.5 - All Rights Reserved

Sun Country 99.5 is no longer available online.  On January 1, 2016 the provision in the Internet royalty regulations for small webcasters was eliminated.  Overnight our monthly royalty fees increased over 100%.  We continued into 2016 with the hope that this was an oversight of the copyright board and that Sound Exchange (the organization responsible for the distribution of music royalty payments) would intervene to reinstate the provision.  Most stations operating under the old provision were zero profit operations, done strictly for the love of music that is no longer getting mainstream radio airplay.  In the case of Sun Country 99.5, it was a labor of love.  There was no income from the station, only expenses to operate it.  After 8-months of hoping, we had no choice but to pull the plug.

It is our hope that at some point, Sound Exchange will realize the real value of small webcasters to those artists who’s music is rarely or no longer heard on mainstream radio stations and make the royalties affordable once more.  Until then, we must say goodbye.  Thank you for listening to Sun Country 99.5.